Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology refers to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allows simultaneous access, validation and record updating in an immutable manner across a network spread across multiple entities or locations.

Distributed Ledger Technology, more commonly known as the blockchain technology, was introduced by bitcoin and is now a buzz word in the technology world given its potential across industries and sectors. In simple words, the Distributed Ledger Technology is all about the idea of a ‘”decentralized” network against the conventional “centralized” mechanism, and is deemed to have far-reaching implications on sectors and entities that have long relied upon a “trusted third-party.”

Global Network — Jack Moreh, freerangestock.com

This technology will surprise everybody. Make the world more automated, with that come cheaper goods and services. That will make effectiveness of the “human project” sky-rocketing, which in turn make the world a better place. We always live like nothing will change and it will last forever. But this will rock the world together with “AI”, Biotech and Nanotech