Airdrop on your Bitcoin –>HEX

CD on the blockchain, what do you think about that? It is free for bitcoin holders to try this new consept. You can claim the ERC20 airdrop(HEX), if you hold bitcoin. You need to own the privatekeys, then you can claim. Maybe a exhange will suport the airdrop who knows. You can then lock up your tokens in a smart contract. When you claim at the end of the lock up term you get the intrest and principal paid out. POD(proof of deposit) is maybe the name of this new consept??

CD(certificate of deposit) has one problem. If your bank goes poof, no more or your local fiat goes hyper inflationery you sit with a bag that is worth nothing. Then if you do not hold cryptocurrency and/or gold you are pretty much lost the game of economics. This one of the reasons HEX was made. This will beat the bank cd’s because it do not require trust, Etherum in this case can act as your bank. you can evan buy bitcoin before snapshot claim and sell after and withdraw your dollars. Yes some money get lost in those transactions, but you get HEX, that is possibely covering your loss. 1 BTC = 1000 HEX, you get bonuses from early claim(in the first 8 weeks) and 20% for reffering others.

It is free money, it is always free money in new technology for invested smart money. The ones that miss out and jump the bandwagon to late will get badly hurt, economical speaking. Cryptocurrency is now at end of a long bear market. So next comes the bull market so this is double the oppertunity. 1%-10% of you wealth should be in gold and cryptocurrency, mostly in bitcoin. If you want stay a dino, old foul and not join the futue then do not consider the BitcoinHex project and cryptocurrency as great oppertunity. Gold is the best hedge for you, then you have the possebility to survive economical and save your savings before space mining potensial will fuck up the precius metal market. Then you will be able to get in to blockchain when it is everywhere and is adopted.

I am not responsible for your actions! When you loose money it is only your fault!